Originelle und stilvolle Möbel für Kinder. Cottage Bett, Tipi Bett sowie klassische und Etagenbetten.


Drewniane Łóżko Domek z barierką Naturalne Milos

Cama de madera Cottage con barandilla Milos naturales

296,00 €
Impuestos incluidos

La cama de estilo escandinavo Milos es un sueño hecho realidad para nuestros hijos y un oasis de paz y diversión para nuestro hijo.


Made of solid A / A wood for a unique charm. Our construction ensures stability and security due to special element connections, not gluing. Each element is hand-ground and rounded as well as not repeatable due to the texture of the wood. The house has a mattress frame and 3 cm feet that allow proper air circulation. You think all this is obviously not! We paint all our beds in the color chosen by the customer (additional option), thanks to which it will fit into every room. The paints we use are 100% ecological and have all the approvals for contact with the child's skin. We invite you to join the group of satisfied children. Remember that safety is also ensured by barriers that are not present in everyone.

The set contains:

    • Cottage bed
    • Set of mounting screws and torx wrench
    • Installation instructions
    • Mattress frame

Size and dimensions:

60cm x 120cm
Dimensions: H118cm, L129cm, B66cm

70cm x 140cm
Dimensions: H123cm, L149cm, B76cm

70cm x 160cm
Dimensions: H123cm, L169cm, B76cm

80cm x 140cm
Dimensions: H128cm, L149cm, B86cm

80cm x 160cm
Dimensions: H128cm, L169cm, B86cm

80cm x 180cm
Dimensions: H128cm, L189cm, B86cm

80cm x 190cm
Dimensions: H128cm, L199cm, B86cm

80cm x 200cm
Dimensions: H128cm, L209cm, B86cm

90cm x 140cm
Dimensions: H133cm, L149cm, B96cm

90cm x 160cm
Dimensions: H133cm, L169cm, B96cm

90cm x 180cm
Dimensions: H133cm, L189cm, B96cm

90cm x 190cm
Dimensions: H133cm, L199cm, B96cm

90cm x 200cm
Dimensions: H133cm, L209cm, B96cm

100cm x 200cm
Dimensions: H138cm, L209cm, B106cm

120cm x 200cm
Dimensions: H148cm, L209cm, B126cm

140cm x 200cm
Dimensions: H158cm, L209cm, B146cm

160cm x 200cm
Dimensions: H168cm, L209cm, B166cm

100 Artículos

Ficha técnica

Plazo de entrega
5 - 10 días hábiles
Costo de envio:
20 EUR
Madera blanda de primera clase - pino
Peso permitido:
Altura de la cuna:
115-130 cm

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