Originelle und stilvolle Möbel für Kinder. Cottage Bett, Tipi Bett sowie klassische und Etagenbetten.


Łóżko domek Bella z Barierkami Noga 37cm

House bed Bella bed with barriers Leg 37cm

VAT included

Children's cottage bed in Scandinavian contact with solid pine of first quality is a design hit this year. It fulfills children's dreams from an early age, and we can choose the size so that it will fit later even in the teenager's room. In addition to its original purpose, the bed is ideal for arranging a children's room in both small and large spaces.


The bed we offer is a 100% Germany product. Thanks to this, it meets all standards, not only Germany, but also European, ensuring our child's safety. If you decide on the color option, you can be sure that it will be an ecological water paint specially designed for pine wood, because we attach the highest importance to the ecology and health of children.

The bed has children's legs, which ensures proper air circulation, and barriers that can be removed at any time. We also invite you to look at the remaining offer in our store with beds and with Scandinavian accessories that will perfectly match the arrangement of the room. Let's provide children not only with adequate sleep but also a place to play and relax.

Set contains:

  • Bed house in the selected size with railings
  • A set of mounting screws and a torx wrench
  • Installation instructions
  • Mattress frame

Size and dimensions:

60cm x 120cm

Dimensions: H145cm, L129cm, B66cm

70cm x 140cm

Dimensions:  H503cm, L149cm, B76cm

70cm x 160cm

Dimensions: H150cm, L169cm, B76cm

80cm x 140cm

Dimensions: H155cm, L149cm, B86cm

80cm x 160cm

Dimensions: H155cm, L169cm, B86cm

80cm x 180cm

Dimensions: H155cm, L189cm, B86cm

80cm x 190cm

Dimensions: H155cm, L199cm, B86cm

80cm x 200cm

Dimensions: H155cm, L209cm, B86cm

90cm x 140cm

Dimensions: H160cm, L149cm, B96cm

90cm x 160cm

Dimensions: H160cm, L169cm, B96cm

90cm x 180cm

Dimensions: H160cm, L189cm, B96cm

90cm x 190cm

Dimensions: H160cm, L199cm, B96cm

90cm x 200cm

Dimensions: H160cm, L209cm, B96cm

100cm x 200cm

Dimensions: H165cm, L209cm, B106cm

120cm x 200cm

Dimensions: H165cm, L209cm, B126cm

140cm x 200cm

Dimensions: H185cm, L209cm, B146cm

160cm x 200cm

Dimensions: H195cm, L209cm, B166cm

100 Items

Data sheet

Lead time
5 - 10 days
Shipping cost:
20 EUR
First class natural pine wood
Permissible weight:
Cot height:
115-130 cm

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