Originelle und stilvolle Möbel für Kinder. Cottage Bett, Tipi Bett sowie klassische und Etagenbetten.


Holzti housebed made of solid pine wood (natural, 200 x 90cm), housebed with barriers

VAT included

Solid pine bed. Stable and solid structure that resembles a house. The barrier protects your child from an uncontrolled fall.


Thanks to the unique design, the cot can be decorated with fabrics and toys, which improves the child's well-being, encourages creativity while playing and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Overall dimensions for 200 x 90 cm:

Total height: 166 cm

Total length: 207 cm

Total depth: 94.5 cm

Handrail height: 36 cm

Height to the floor: 18 cm

Mattress fits: 200 x 90 cm (not included)

Load: 100 kg

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