Originelle und stilvolle Möbel für Kinder. Cottage Bett, Tipi Bett sowie klassische und Etagenbetten.


House bed wooden children's bed TIPI 5

VAT included

Teepee here Teepee there, this time with a railing, a drawer and a color.

Barrier Tipi

The bed is the most important piece of furniture for each of us because we spend 1/3 of our lives in it, and in the case of children even more because they love playing on the bed. For this reason, TIPI2 was created, a bed that is also used for fun on long winter evenings and when the rain, chill or parents do not have time outside. It is worth taking care of the right bed, which will look great as a room arrangement and will be 100% natural and safe. A thoroughly sanded surface made by hand allows you to give an excellent smoothness of natural wood, and the railing ensures safety.

  • Cottage bed in the selected size with handrails
  • Set of mounting screws and torx wrench
  • Installation instructions
  • Mattress frame
Tipi 5
100 Items

Data sheet

Lead time
5 - 10 days
Shipping cost:
20 EUR
First class softwood - pine
Permissible weight:
Cot height:
115 cm

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