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Neapol pocket mattress HR with visco-coconut

VAT included


  • Hardness: H3 / H4
  • Height: 22 cm
  • Double-sided mattress
  • Removable cover


  • Profiled HR foam 2 cm
  • Polyurethane foam 2 cm
  • Pocket springs 2 cm
  • Polyurethane foam 2 cm
  • Coconut insert 1 cm
  • Thermoplastic profile foam 2 cm
Matratze größe:

7 zoned PIE SPRINGS. The springs divide the mattress into 7 zones, each supporting a specific part of the body sufficiently. The springs work independently of each other, so that two people sleeping next to each other do not feel uncomfortable by drilling the other person. The mattress is also great for people of different body weight, as the mattress does not bend over to the other person.

THERMOPLASTIC FOAM - Visco special foam that adapts to the body shape under the influence of temperature. It gives the spine a natural position and support. Perfect for people with back pain. Prevents pressure points. Highest quality for the most demanding customers

HIGH - ELASTIC FOAM, profiled HR foam with a density that is much higher than traditional polyurethane foams. Twice as fast, it returns to its original shape, meaning it reacts much faster to any change in body position. Its advantage is also the excellent ventilation - the air circulation prevents the growth of all molds.

POLYURETHANE FOAM - high quality foam is an extra filling of the mattress. The foam has a high resistance to deformation and wrinkles. Provides sufficient cushioning, has a breathable structure, is flexible and elastic.

FILC - a natural spacer that separates the spring layer from the foam layer. Natural felt can significantly extend the life of the mattress and strengthen the construction. The advantage of felt is also the high flexibility and adhesion on a particular surface.

COVER - Anti-allergic, with a zipper that helps maintain hygiene. It protects against dirt entering the mattress, protects against the ingress of bacteria, fungi, mold and mites.

PREMIUM SERIES - a range of higher standard mattresses. They have a hypoallergenic cover with sewn-on zipper. Products in this series meet all quality standards, are made from certified products, do not deform, and offer years of ease of use.

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Data sheet

H3 - mittelhart
H2 - mittelweich
12 cm
2 Jahre
bis zu 7 Tagen

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